How primary care enables coordinated care

By Tyler Comstock

Communication and coordination are integral to an individual receiving the appropriate treatment, particularly if that person is seeing multiple providers. A single point of coordination ...

June 21st

3 Ways to Optimize Patient Engagement

By Tyler Comstock

Why is it important to engage your patients in their healthcare? How do you engage them effectively? Patient satisfaction is important to their well-being and to the success of your ...

June 14th

Care coordination tips for new practices

By Anthony Pappas

Coordinating care between providers and with the patients themselves can be a critical step toward ensuring the highest quality outcomes in the care of those patients. Here are some care ...

June 7th

Thoughts from Keynoting PrimaryCare22

By Dr. Sara Pastoor

Last week, Primary Care For America, a collaborative of 13 primary care-focused organizations – of which Elation is a founding member and the only tech company represented – ...

June 6th