On-Site and Near-Site Employer Health Clinics

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Understanding On-Site Clinics

By Nick Dealtry | October 1st, 2018

An on-site clinic is where an employer offers one or more medical and wellness services to all or most of their employee population and other individuals who are eligible. These services ...

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On-site preventive care market drivers

By Nick Dealtry | June 29th, 2018

The number of on-site employer-sponsored healthcare clinics is increasing and is projected to continue increasing over the next several years. Employers have realized the benefits of ...

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What is the value of on-site clinics?

By Roy Steiner | June 26th, 2018

Value can be calculated in a number of ways. Employers typically calculate value in terms of their bottom line. Employees may view value in terms of how something benefits them or makes ...