Dr. Kimura: Primary care is good for more than the heart

Earlier this year, Elation Health physician, Dr. Kimura shared tips on how to lower a patients’ risk of stroke, heart disease, and other life-threatening conditions in Physician’s Practice. 

As an independent primary care physician with nearly 40 years of experience, Dr. Kimura believes the key to managing complex conditions is proactiveness. 

“By doing our best to keep patients healthy and committing to sound data and reliable reporting, primary care physicians can better diagnose hypertension and help patients keep the gravest risks at bay. But to sweep through medicine, this kind of change requires intent,” as Dr. Kimura explains. 

In 2019, Dr. Kimura joined an initiative called Target: BP, run by the AHA and the American Medical Association, which aimed to boost blood pressure control rates through the latest clinical evidence. Dr. Kimura outpaced the national average by 45 percentage points. 

While Target: BP, certainly played a critical role, Dr. Kimura concluded that the craft of primary care was the real secret to his success. Below he gives an example of what that looks like for him: 

“I make sure to carve out at least 30 minutes for each patient on my Elation Health system. I even do the occasional house call. That’s the thing about independent primary care: Physicians have the opportunity to spend serious time with patients, and that opens the door to serious results.” [pull quote]

Finally, Dr. Kimura ends by mentioning the importance of reporting. According to Dr. Kimura: “While independent primary care physicians know how to do their jobs, we don’t always know how to show it.” For any independent primary care physician navigating the shift to value-based care, being recognized for your work using tools like Elation’s EHR to fulfill the requirements for quality programs is vital for patients and physicians alike. 

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