Write Prescriptions More Easily with Elation’s new Rx Form

Elation is excited to announce that you can now opt-in to an upgraded Prescription form for Rx and OTC meds.

Turn it on for your practice today!

Spend less time writing and editing your Rx and OTC scripts with new features that allow you to easily complete and edit multiple medications in a single Rx order.

Initiate bulk refills of multiple meds with a click of a button from the patient’s medication list

Ensure patient safety with easy access to the drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions and alerts in a consolidated view on the right-hand side of the Rx form

How does this feature work?

For additional details, please visit our Help Center Article

How do I get access to this new Rx form?

Admin users within your practice can turn the new prescription form by using the toggle in Settings. To access the new Rx form:

  1. Navigate to your Settings page by clicking on your email address in the top right-hand corner of the page and selecting Settings from the dropdown menu
  2. Under Practice Settings in the leftmost pane, click Prescriptions
  3. Use the toggle to turn on the new Rx form for your practice

Turn it on for your practice today!