Why on-site care is attractive to millennials

The ideal workplace for a millennial is often envisioned as an open space with scooters, 47 different kinds of free coffee, and a party atmosphere, but most employees of that generation actually want quite different benefits. With over a third of workers in America fitting into the category of millennials, those who were born in the last two decades of the 20th century, employers need to know what attracts them and retains them in the workplace.

The retaining piece might be a bit more of a challenge, as millennials are admitted job-hoppers. A survey conducted by FitSmallBusiness in March 2017 found that about 42% of the millennials were looking for a new job at the time of the poll. That statistic may also be a sign of the times, though, as the days of spending 30+ years with one company are no longer. The study found that those millennials are looking for some specific benefits from their employer while they are with the company.

One of those benefits is affordable healthcare coverage, which came as something of a surprise to those conducting the survey. Just over a third of the millennials participating in the survey said that healthcare is the most important benefit they look for in a new job. Reporting on the survey results, Forbes added that “more and more millennials are seeking out companies that have an onsite health clinic.”

Availability and convenience are also very important to millennials when it comes to their healthcare provider. The idea of an on-site clinic where they can see a physician, receive their immunizations, and get a well check without having to take a complete sick day from work is enticing to this generation. Millennials also appreciate the technology used at on-site clinics that enables them to access their records and communicate seamlessly regarding their healthcare.

Employers who provide on-site care for their employees may find that, in addition to seeing a healthy return on their investment, they are attracting more millennials to their workforce.