Our Chief Technology Officer’s ‘visit notes’ with a private practice

Last month Conan shared insight about our new-hire on-boarding process. Specifically, Elation’s requirement to shadow a provider and staff for an entire day. As I prepared for my day of shadowing, I read my colleagues’ post-shadow write-ups.

As I read their thoughts and commentary I realized their assessments weren’t love letters to Elation. They were critical comments about our product.

Yes, critical.

For example, our CTO’s notes zeroed in personal take-aways as to how digital can be disruptive. He wrote about everything from lapses of internet connectivity to distracting from the interpersonal relationship between provider and patient.

He wrote:

In the back of my head I was thinking about the paper world.

  • There are many interruptions that require the doctor’s attention which creates constant context switching.
  • The font can be very small and hard to read.
  • Sometimes concepts are easier to describe with diagrams and drawing instead of paragraphs of text.
  • Each time a popup is opened it takes effort to move the mouse to the “x” icon to close it.

All these little efforts add up to tangible frustration. Can the tool be smarter so the doctor can type less? When I write code, I HATE to need to touch the mouse frequently. It can be very inefficient.”

Critical thinking starts at the top at Elation. We evaluate everything we do based on, “why.” We are a technology company but our directive isn’t to chase trends, or start them. We focus on what is meaningful to you.