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Strategies for defending against medical malpractice

By Anthony Pappas

Building a successful independent practice requires knowledge, expertise, and the ability to develop positive patient-provider relationships. It also requires preparation for adverse ...

October 24th

Most common coding problems and errors

By Anthony Pappas

Billing and coding incorrectly can cost your new independent practice, both financially and in terms of the time investment involved. Rejected claims must be recoded and resubmitted, which ...

October 13th

Tips for preparing for a natural disaster

By Anthony Pappas

Whether your new independent practice is an area prone to wildfires or floods, hurricanes or earthquakes, you and your team need to be prepared for a natural disaster. Catastrophic natural ...

October 6th

Communicating with patients in layman’s terms

By Anthony Pappas

Patients who are able to clearly understand their physician’s diagnosis and care instructions tend to be more engaged, leading to improved outcomes. Whether the communication is face to ...

October 3rd

Revenue cycle management tips for new practices

By Anthony Pappas

What is revenue cycle management? Why is it important for an independent practice, especially as healthcare is moving away from the fee-for-service model and toward value-based care? Here ...

September 27th