Considering how Medicare reimbursement works, Elation has proven to us that there is finally an ROI behind intuitive design and usability.
Don Brandeburg

Don Brandeburg

Director of Health IT @ 200-member IPA

Get a Clinical First platform that aligns with your
unique organization goals.

Easy Care Gap Capture

Work with a clinically focused platform that combines a best-in class user experience and intuitive design, while driving performance on the quality measures your organization cares about.

Drive Decision Making

Help physicians make easier decisions at the point of care, removing latency in data for your organization and action for your providers.

Increase Revenue

Whether it’s the HCC score or customized measures your organization cares about – work with Elation to develop a more effective method for increasing revenue and providing better healthcare outcomes with your patient populations.

Enterprise features

Elation offers a suite of Enterprise features designed to help physician organizations succeed in the shift to value-based care.

Customize Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs)
Push alerts to the point of care with Clinical Decision Support
Provide tools to care coordinators to close Care Gaps
Leverage Dashboards and Patient Lists for Analytics

Clinical Engagement and Satisfaction

Engage your physicians at the point of care when they are actually seeing patients with a technology platform that thinks like they do.

When are physicians using Elation?

They’ve combined a real empathy with doctors with modern web technology and UI/UX savvy. Almost immediately after going live, me and my staff’s productivity increased markedly, and we continue to be able to handle our very complex medical practice with fewer staff and more good vibes than before.
Paul Abramson, MD

Paul Abramson, MD

San Francisco, CA