Clinical EHR

The manifestation of our Clinical First philosophy

A Clinical EHR puts physicians first; it embodies a technology platform that adds value to the interactions between physicians and their patients. It’s a platform that allows for trust, a more productive and effective environment, and improves the quality of care that patients are receiving.

Elation’s Clinical First EHR is designed and developed to be an interactive, intelligent, and more predictive tool. Elation continually works on advancements that re-create what EHRs can be, transforming them into a Clinical EHR. One of the biggest features of Elation’s Clinical First EHR is the collaborative health record (CHR), which acts as a progressive patient record that allows physicians to effortlessly collaborate and coordinate care. Other features you will find within Elation’s Clinical EHR are mentioned below:

Work Concurrently, Not Consecutively

  • Elation’s Cockpit View surfaces everything you need in a unique three-pane console, giving you complete flexibility in how you deliver care.
  • Document visit notes, order lab tests, e-prescribe, and write referrals in any order you want, all from the same screen.

Automate Data Entry

  • Entering and re-entering information has remained a time-intensive and cumbersome part of adopting electronic health records. Elation reduces this need by prioritizing automation throughout the workflow.
  • Use the Dynamic Problem List when charting to pull in specific patient information, lab results, and notes from a previous visit with just one click — helping you maintain a more comprehensive and longitudinal patient record.

Drive Phenomenal Care

  • Holistically evaluate your patient population with a longitudinal record that trends vitals and lab values over time.
  • Quickly identify patients who aren’t meeting goals based on custom care management protocols, Meaningful Use objectives, or specific document tags, and easily schedule a follow-up appointment to address any potential gaps in care.