e-Prescribing – How To

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2016 10:58PM PDT

A provider can send an ePrescription from any patient chart. At the top of the page, click on “Rx” and click on “Prescription Form” to open a new prescription blank.

1. Write Your Script

Enter in the required information which is marked with a red * symbol:

  • Type of Prescription (“Type”)
  • Medication Name and Strength (“Med”)
  • Directions (“Sig”)
  • Quantity (“Qty”)
  • Number of Refills (“Rf”)

If you would like to add the medication to the medication list that displays on the left hand side (“Permanent Medications List”), check off the “Add to Permanent Med List” checkbox.


  • You can enter “units” that belong to a short list of units that Surescripts, our prescribing partner accepts, as well as abbreviations for those units. For example, you can enter: milligrams/mg, tablets/tab, and capsules/cap.
  • If you would like to include additional information with your prescription, click the “more…” link in blue. You will be able to add Notes, Mark the script as “Do not substitute, dispense as written (DAW)”, document the Fill Date (if you want the script to be filled on a date that differs from the date you write the script) and Indication for the script.

2. Choose the pharmacy where the script should be sent

Note: This screen only appears if you have not previously sent an electronic prescription to a pharmacy for this patient. For future scripts for this patient, the pharmacy information will be defaulted.

Enter the Pharmacy Name and find the pharmacy you want to send the script to.

Tip: The Pharmacy list includes every pharmacy across the country that accepts electronic prescriptions. To most quickly find your desired pharmacy, be sure to type one of the following along with the Pharmacy Name:

  • City (e.g. “CVS Short Hills” or “CVS, Short Hills”)
  • Street name Zip code (e.g., “CVS 07026”)
  • Phone Number
  • Store Number

Once you have located the pharmacy where you want to send the script, choose the pharmacy from the list and click on the “Select Pharmacy” button.

3. Send prescription electronically to pharmacy

The last step is to review the script that you are about to send to the pharmacy. Click on the “ePrescribe Only” button to send the script to the pharmacy.

You may provide a copy of the script to the patient as well. Click on the “ePrescribe & Print Pt Copy” button to send the script to the pharmacy as well as print a copy of the script to give to your patient in one single step.