Forbes Advisor names Elation among the Best E-Prescribing software of 2022

A recent piece highlighting the top E-prescribing software by Forbes Advisor named Elation’s platform among the best for clinicians looking for a faster, safer way to generate and fill medication orders that allows them to reduce errors in the pharmacy and send clinicians notifications for potential interactions.

According to the authors: “Finding the right technology is more important than ever. Since e-prescribing software can usually be found on electronic health record (EHR)/electronic medical record (EMR) platforms, Forbes Advisor did a deep dive.”

Among the vendors, Elation was highlighted as the best platform for saving time: “Elation is the best e-prescribing software for those that want to save time with its numerous time-saving features, such as self-scheduling, automated appointment reminders and intake forms.

Membership-based or concierge-care clinics will find unique tools in Elation Health’s EHR billing functionality. It offers the ability to set up recurring payments for ongoing care.”

The writers also highlighted some of Elation’s others features and functionality as they looked for technology that met their criteria:

“Elation Health is an award-winning EHR platform that includes e-prescribing capabilities. The system is designed for primary care providers and offers the usual features like billing, scheduling and charting. However, additional features like prescription cancellation, prescription renewal and SMS messaging make it a robust solution for medication management.

The web-based EHR has iPhone and iPad deployment for provider ease of use. The system is HIPAA compliant and provides a user-friendly way for independent providers to prescribe electronically.”

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