What does it mean to have a certified EHR? 

Who is Drummond Group?

Drummond Group is a company that tests software products in order to assess the capability of the tested product. In keeping up with software advances, the Drummond Group began testing their first EHR solutions in September 2010, and since then, have tested hundreds of EHR softwares. A Drummond Certified™ seal serves as an important resource for independent providers and healthcare organizations who are looking to invest in an EHR software.

What it means to be Drummond Certified™

A Drummond seal guarantees that a product meets industry standards and that it is interoperable. When you see the Drummond seal, you know you can rely on that product everyday you’re in practice with your patients. This is because before a product can even get the Drummond seal, it must first undergo rigorous testing. The Drummond Group tests a product throughout its life-cycle including auditing, quality assurance, conformance testing, customer software test lab services, software certification, web service tests and consulting.

Why it is important to look for the Drummond Certified™ seal

Opting to choose an EHR software that is Drummond Certified™ has many benefits:

  • It can save your practice money. This is because the Drummond seal guarantees the operability of the software. Exploring and investing in multiple products is no longer necessary.
  • It can save your practice time. By choosing to look for the Drummond seal, selecting an EHR is made easy since compliance, reliability and industry standards are all covered by the Drummond Certified™ seal.

The Drummond seal does a majority of the work for you when you’re in need of new EHR software. The hardest part for you is picking the right software.