Read on how independent practices securely manage faxes

Healthcare providers still use the fax machine as a primary means of communication; they share test results, prescriptions, billing information, and new patient registration (among many other things) with other healthcare providers, pharmacies, insurers, patients etc. In general, the Healthcare industry relies heavily on this invention and while it does it’s job well, there are security concerns involved when sending any fax.

The information that healthcare providers send via fax is usually sensitive health information regarding their patients. With that in mind, faxed pages can be lost, incorrectly distributed or collected, or even worse, attached to the wrong patient file. A delay in the faxed information reaching its intended recipient is a possibility, that all depends on the connection and accessibility of both parties fax machines. The machines can also run out of paper, phone lines can be busy and toner can run dry. A human error in entering a single digit incorrectly creates the risk of allowing private patient information to be sent to a completely unintended recipient. These are all very feasible issues and can happen on a daily basis.

To try and eliminate these concerns, Elation’s Clinical EHR offers an integrated internal e-fax that can track and insure documents make it into the right patient file. We do this by enabling physicians to send an image directly from a laptop, a scanner, email or a mobile device, and the recipient then receives the document via encrypted e-fax, directly into the EHR.

Elation’s Fax Inbox

The Fax Inbox in Elation is the home for managing faxes and uploading documents. From the Fax Inbox you can easily file relevant documents to patient charts for physician review and sign offs.

Getting Documents Into Elation via the Fax Inbox:

Each practice using Elation’s Clinical EHR is given a dedicated Elation electronic fax (or e-fax) number during their implementation to Elation. You and your staff can use your existing fax machine to fax or “scan” documents into Elation. Each incoming fax is automatically converted into an image accessible in the Fax Inbox, ready to file into a patient’s chart.

You can also choose to forward all your practice’s faxes to your e-fax number. Forwarding can help reduce staff workload and also ensure no documents get lost.