Practice Fusion vs Elation Health | Comparing EHR Systems

To help your independent practice find the right EHR system, we’ve created a series of EHR comparisons. We believe you need a solution designed with the physician in mind and that works for you, instead of creating work for you. Read below to see how Elation Health’s Clinical First EHR compares to other leading systems.

Practice Focus

Both Elation Health and Practice Fusion support primary care practices but Practice Fusion has a broader focus across a wider range of specialties. Chiropractors and behavioral health professionals are two of their most common users. Elation, on the other hand, is specifically designed with the independent physician in mind. Since primary care physicians live at the crux of healthcare and have a unique relationship with their patients, we’ve also fine-tuned Elation’s platform to meet the needs of high-quality primary care physicians.

For the first time ever, I have found an application and development community which has clearly had the physician’s mindset in mind when creating and enhancing its electronic medical record. Its intuitive interface and robust features set a new standard for electronic medical records.

Jack Forbush, DO

Product design

Elation Health is focused on providing an intuitive clinical first platform that is provider-centric to support patient relationships and drive outstanding outcomes. The cockpit view allows you to see everything within a single interface with integrated notes and documentation that align with your workflows. Various data entry tasks are automated to automatically populate as you move from screen to screen, helping to significantly cut down on administrative time. Ultimately, the entire product feels like it has been thoughtfully crafted to precisely complement the day-to-day realities of running a small primary care practice.

Practice Fusion includes the tools you need like patient charts, patient portals, billing, task management, and scheduling. Unfortunately, however, workflows and task management feel clunky. Many doctors have commented on how they need to toggle through windows and click through a lot of menus to complete the tasks they need.

Implementation and training

Elation Health’s implementation team gets doctors up and running with their new EHR in a matter of hours. The support team can pre-populate patient charts. There’s no need for additional downtime and training takes less than an hour because it’s very intuitive. If you’re switching from an old EHR, Elation can import all the data including notes for a seamless transition. Practice Fusion’s implementation process is also pretty simple. Patient charts can also be imported but require some additional match up to ensure that everything remains intact. Their implementation team can get practices up and running quickly but training is a little more intensive due to the clunky interface. There are lots of modules, documents, and webinars that physicians can work through to get the assistance they need.


Elation Health offers live rep support 24/7 and urgent requests always get a response within 30 minutes or less. The ability to contact support is built right in with an “I need help” button. With a single click, you can troubleshoot any interface, software, or hardware – even if the issue isn’t product related. However, the platform is so easy to use that most users don’t need additional help. Practice Fusion only offers support during business hours (6am-5pm PST). They offer live chat for quick question or service issues, help tickets for non-critical issues, or you can call them by phone.

Business Model

Practice Fusion innovated a unique business model selling targeted advertising that allowed it to offer a functional EHR to primary care physicians for free. This initial advertising model morphed into selling data to the pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, both of these business models involved a lot of compromises with quality control and UI decisions. Like Facebook, at Practice Fusion, users were the product. This resulted in a grow-at-all-costs mentality with marketing trumping long-term product development. Of course, these business models turned out to be unsustainable, so what was originally touted as “free forever” now costs $149/month.

Elation Health’s business model, in contrast, has always focused on the idea that if you’re spending a significant chunk of your waking hours working with a product, you should really love using it—even if that costs a few bucks. This clinical-first approach allows physicians to focus on patients—not wrestling the UI. By eschewing a grow-at-all-costs business model, Elation Health has been able to provide the highest rated customer experience in the industry.Nothing should take you away from focusing on your patients and providing the best care possible.

The True Value

When you look strictly at the numbers, Practice Fusion is the low-cost solution. This nominal lower cost can be attractive to small and solo practices, but there’s an opportunity cost to consider. The more time you spend messing with your EHR, the less time you have to see more patients … or spend with your family. Cheap software can cost you a fortune in time. Elation Health costs more money than Practice Fusion on a monthly basis but streamlines the components of running a solo or small medical practice. This means less time filling out lab orders, reporting quality data, or sending patient follow-ups.

Feature by feature: Elation Health vs. Practice Fusion

FeatureElation HealthPractice FusionWinner
Patient Charts3-pane view provides the clinical profile, chronological record, and visit notes (with custom templates) all on one screen.Users must toggle through windows and constantly click to complete tasks in the notes.Elation Health streamlines processes so you can spend more time on what really matters.
Practice Management and BillingComprehensive features including scheduling (with automatic appointment reminders) and a “tasks requiring actions queue” that can be utilized by the receptionist, NP, MA, etc.Integrates with the top billing solutions.Includes automatic appointment reminders, task management, and reports on staff activities. Billing functionality is provided and supported by an outside partner.Elation Health includes the tools you need for practice management.
Quality ReportingAutomatic clinical reminders on visit notes ensures care gaps are closed. Docs can also run reports with various clinical goals and send bulk letters to patients to maximize MIPS reimbursements.Simple tools: No reminders at point of care, poor overall reporting on total measures, no bulk messaging features to get patients back to the practice.Elation Health includes patient-relevant clinical reminders and options to address measures to maximize reimbursements.
E-prescribingIntegration with Surescripts provides information on all the medications prescribed to a patient (including those prescribed by others). Easily prescribe medications and receive automatic drug interaction notifications.Can prescribe medications within the platform, but don’t have insight into the patient’s other medications.Elation Health supports comprehensive patient care with insight into all prescriptions.
E-faxing / Labs and ImagingDedicated e-faxing portal with the ability to file labs and imaging into patient files right when they come in (some even file automatically).E-faxing is provided by Updox and bidirectional lab integrations are both additional costs.Elation Health includes these features at no additional cost.
Patient PortalIncludes patient portal for viewing clinical information, sharing docs, and secure messaging.Includes a patient portal for self-scheduling and communication.Tie, both include dedicated patient portals for improved communication and care.
SupportLive rep available 24/7Only available during business hours.Elation Health is always available.
Price$349/month/user – Direct care
$399/month/user- Insurance. Learn more.
$149/month/userDepends on how much you value your time.