What is Elation Passport?

Your Elation Passport is a new solution that lets you keep in touch with your doctor’s office between visits, so that all of your visit takeaways, lab results, and recommended healthcare steps are captured in one place. You can also access your complete clinical information like allergies or medications for use as a reference and to share with your other clinical providers.

What Elation Passport means for you…

  • You’ll still be able to contact your doctor’s office just like you always have.
  • Notes from each visit will automatically be available to you online.
  • You can securely message the office about results or non-urgent questions you may have – you don’t have to wait until the office opens to ask a question.
  • You can have access to your allergies, current medications and other pertinent information that other clinicians would find helpful to facilitate your care, and can print or fax this information straight from your phone or computer.
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