Why on-site employer care is effective

The number of employers offering on-site and near-site healthcare clinics for their employees is on the rise. Employers are realizing the benefits of these clinics, both in terms of cost savings and of improved employee health. On-site care, in particular, offers employees the convenience they need as an incentive to access healthcare services. A recent article in the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, Benefits of On-Site Clinics, cites a number of reasons that on-site healthcare is effective.

The article emphasizes that “on-site clinics add value in three ways: improved health, lowered healthcare expenditures, and improved productivity related to both reduced absences and/or to presenteeism, which occurs when employees come to work impaired by illness and are unable to work to their full ability.” Many employers focus on reducing absenteeism, but presenteeism can cause a number of issues as well, including reduced productivity and the potential for spreading contagious diseases to other employees.

Population health management is another area in which on-site care can be effective. Using technology, including electronic health records (EHRs), on-site clinic providers can track trends among the specific employer base. As the journal article relates, “on-site clinics can provide cost-effective, quality healthcare to employees, as they provide services targeted to the needs of the workforce.”

On-site healthcare clinics typically provide basic preventative services and primary care services. This type of care can help “avoid or minimize acute episodes of disease.” In cases where employees do acquire acute conditions, treating them “at workplace clinics can eliminate trips to off-site clinics and/or emergency departments that can take hours or even the entire day.”

As the journal article explains, on-site clinics have a significant impact on healthcare, for the employee and the employer, particularly in regard to “decreased costs, a reduction in healthcare expenditures and a positive return on the associated financial investment.”