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Elation Announces Collaborative Billing: Simplify, Streamline, and Secure your Billing Process

Elation recently launched Collaborative Billing – an integrated billing solution. This integration allows clinicians to use incident-to billing and receive 100% Medicare reimbursement for non-physician services. This new feature also incorporates features like extended provider fields and customizable practice settings into Elation to offer practices the ability to tailor the billing process to their unique needs. Collaborative Billing can also help maximize reimbursement by providing actionable financial insights into billing performance: 

  • Incident-to Billing Support: Enables 100% Medicare reimbursement for non-physician services. 

  • Additional Provider Fields: Adds Authorization number and Supervising, Rendering, Referring, Ordering, and Billing provider fields to unlock additional revenue and enable reimbursement for collaborative care models.

  • Customizable Practice Settings: Allows practices to enable/disable fields for non-physician providers, tailoring the billing process to their specific needs.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities with Incident-to Billing 

Incident-to billing refers to a specific type of billing practice under Medicare. Under Medicare rules, covered services provided by non-physician practitioners (NPPs) like physician assistants and nurse practitioners are reimbursed at a reduced rate (85 percent of the fee schedule amount). Incident-to allows certain services provided by NPPs to be billed under a physician's National Provider Identifier (NPI), potentially resulting in higher reimbursement rates. Learn more about the requirements of incident-to billing. 

How to Get Started with Collaborative Billing 

By ensuring practices can efficiently manage and maximize reimbursements across various care models, Collaborative Billing supports the financial health and operational efficiency of practices. This new feature not only simplifies the billing process and unlocks additional revenue, but also empowers practices with data-driven insights to enhance financial performance, making it an essential tool for the sustainability and growth of healthcare providers. Learn more about Collaborative Billing.