Simplify Your Medical Billing

Effortlessly manage your practice’s billing, charts, records, payers, and revenue–in one unified system.

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Everything you need to manage your practice’s revenue

Elation brings all your billing and EHR data together. So you can easily manage and streamline your billing processes–from check-in to payment.

Before the visit


Reduce no-shows

Elation’s next-generation appointment scheduling workflows and automated reminders allow practices to grow revenue and schedule staff effectively.


Minimize insurance denials

Quickly verify coverage before the visit and automatically flag issues to minimize errors and reduce denials, with Elation’s real-time eligibility checking (RTE).


Simplify patient payments

Elation’s friendly, intuitive interface delights patients and allows practices to get paid faster.

During the visit


Unify your practice

No more maintaining multiple systems: Elation is your source of truth. Effortlessly sync patient demographics, collect balances, and add authorizations.


Effortless charge capture

Procedure codes and up to 12 diagnosis codes automatically flow from the patient’s chart to their bill, allowing billing staff to get the context they need, and allowing providers to receive full and fair compensation.


Give your patients flexibility

Elation is able to offer payment plan options electronic statements with automated SMS and email reminders, allowing practices to save on paper expenses and improve on-time payment metrics. 

After the visit


Don’t miss a thing

From a birds-eye view to the minutia, get an instant understanding of your practice’s financial health through Elation’s customizable and exportable report library.


Say goodbye to rework

Practices using Elation enjoy industry-leading first-pass resolution rates and low resubmissions on claims, including NCCI edits and clearinghouse claim scrubbing.


Built by billers

Elation’s intuitive interface was designed with the biller in mind. No more spreadsheets or complicated screens–Elation Billing is the easiest platform to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Customer story

Atembis reduced AR days by 30% while decreasing billing effort after switching to Elation Billing.

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Solution sheet

Our unified platform provides the ease of Elation’s clinical-first EHR with a streamlined billing workflow.

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