The Best Platform for Phenomenal Virtual Care

Dr. Natalia Southerland
Dallas, TX

Fully integrated virtual care that feels like in-person care

Consolidate to a single platform for virtual and in-person care

Elation’s HIPAA-compliant integrated video platform, powered by Zoom, ensures your practice can provide the best virtual care experience to your physicians and patients, without needing to implement and maintain a separate, disconnected solution.

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Easily schedule appointments and see patients virtually

Save time coordinating appointments with a streamlined process for scheduling and intake. Elation’s Telehealth solution automatically generates everything patients need to easily join their individual or group visit.

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Seamlessly deliver virtual care

Deliver virtual care at scale with high-quality video and audio. Our intuitive three-panel view allows you to anchor the video feed so you can see and talk with the patient while simultaneously charting in Elation with ease.

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Get paid for virtual care, without more overhead

Elation automates documentation and coding for virtual care, streamlining billing and reimbursements so you’re paid what you’re owed for the care provided.

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Everything you need to scale a virtual care model

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Integrated intake and

Documenting telehealth visits works the same as in-person visits, with a clinical-first and easy to use interface for virtual care.

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Virtual group visits

Support families and caregivers by joining telehealth visits together. Your practice has full control over which patients are admitted.

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High-quality video and audio, powered by Zoom

Elation Telehealth offers the highest quality video and audio technology to ensure nothing disrupts your patient visits.

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Elation Telehealth is fully integrated into our EHR and complies with the HIPAA Security Rule for telemedicine.

Elation Health wins Best In KLAS 2023 for EMR-Centric Virtual Care Platforms
A 2022 KLAS report recognizes Elation’s EHR as a top overall performer for small practices

“Just want to thank you for offering ‘telehealth virtual visits’. I have been searching for a system that would fit our needs and I was hunting for the perfect telehealth solution…”

Cindy Madera

Gynecology, Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility, Honolulu, Hawaii