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After reviewing dozens of EMRs (and using two in a different practice), I can confidently state that Elation stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

Grace Yu, MD

Family Medicine, San Jose, CA

I have reviewed approximately 25 different systems and this is the one that really supports clinical workflow.  I recommend it to all my frustrated colleagues.

Lisa Muncy, MD

Integrative Medicine, Vail, CO (Switched from DrChrono)

For the first time ever, I found an EMR that clearly had the physician’s mindset in mind when creating it. Elation sets a new standard for electronic medical records.

Jack Forbush, DO

Family Medicine, Hampden, ME

The simplicity in Elation’s design is created with the physician in mind. It offers an intuitive and nimble chart. After looking at multiple EMR options, I found Elation to clearly be the best choice.

Lisa Wong, MD

Endocrinology, Honolulu, HI

Almost immediately after going live, my and my staff’s productivity increased markedly, and we continue to be able to handle our very complex medical practice with fewer staff and more good vibes than before.

Anonymous, MD

Family Medicine Practice, San Francisco, CA

Elation has streamlined my practice. It puts everything in a traditional paper medical chart at my fingertips.  I looked at a lot of EMRs before transitioning to Elation and this is definitely the best.

Susan K. Sorensen, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine, Hematology, Los Altos, CA

Elation clearly understands how physicians process information and document patient encounters. After struggling through other EMRs, Elation is like a breath of fresh air.

Alicia Cunningham, MD

Internal Medicine, Burlington, VT

Elation thinks the way I think. When I write a SOAP note, I skip around and like to glance over at the med list or past history. Elation makes it easy to do this. Ordering labs and x-rays is easy and gets recorded right into the note. All this has led to greater efficiency in my practice.

Mark Savant, MD

Internal Medicine, San Francisco, CA

Elation is the first EMR to actually make note writing, referrals, and prescriptions more efficient instead of bogging me down. Thank you for letting me finish my work faster!

Alicia Cunningham, MD

Internal Medicine, Burlington, VT

Elation has been a revolutionary tool, increasing the flexibility and efficiency in the way I practice medicine. I can access records, review reports, email patients and colleagues, and send prescriptions from anywhere, anytime.

Kathryn Hallsten, MD

Internal Medicine, Menlo Park, CA