The EHR platform designed to support value-based care


The Elation EHR is designed to support organizations participating in value-based care payment structures.

By leveraging population health management tools and workflows, quality reporting, and patient engagement features, clinicians can deliver high-quality, cost-effective care that improves patient outcomes while lowering the total cost of care.


Population health

Identify and track patients with specific health conditions or risk factors and deliver proactive care to prevent complications and improve outcomes. Identify high-risk patients, monitor population health trends, and deliver evidence-based care.



Take a care-team approach to managing the health of your patients with thoughtful, easy-to-use collaboration tools like the Clinical Profile, health maintenance, care reminders, office messaging, patient letters, electronic chart sharing, and more.


Data aggregation
+ analytics

Build a 360° view of your patient’s health that drives engagement at the point-of-care. Robust data analytics empower you with insights into workflow efficacy, performance, and the downstream impact of care interventions.


Clinical quality measure reporting

Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) help measure and track the quality of healthcare services provided. Leverage Elation’s standard reporting dashboard to earn full Medicare CPC+ or MIPS incentives, and easily track healthcare quality.

Patient engagement


Online scheduling, electronic intake forms, and text or email appointment reminders to help patients stay on track. Our HIPAA-compliant Patient Passport mobile app also provides access to health information, and provider messaging features.



Our clinical EHR connects with public health agencies, labs, imaging centers, and health information exchanges, fitting seamlessly into clinical workflows while delivering high impact to physicians and care team members.

Download our Value-Based Care Playbook

A playbook designed to help primary care clinicians and
organizations deliver high-value care.


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Value-Based Care

A playbook designed to help primary care clinicians and organizations deliver high-value care

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