Empowering Physician Groups and Primary Care Doctors to Deliver Phenomenal Patient Care

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Dr. Steven Mussey · Fredericksburg, VA

You’re focused on providing your doctors with the resources to deliver phenomenal primary care. We partner with innovative primary care groups that are leading the transformation of our healthcare system to value-based care, helping primary care doctors improve patient outcomes. 

Primary care is the most powerful lever to improve outcomes

Primary care drives healthcare

90% of $4T healthcare spend influenced by primary care

Primary care delivers outsized returns

$13 saved for every $1 spent on primary care

We’re building the operating system for the next generation of primary care

Elation engages physicians at the point of care to drive action. We ensure well-managed patient panels through driving the right care for the patient, at the right time.

Elation’s clinical-first platform delights providers

Groups and practices using Elation chart faster, reduce administrative burden, and eliminate documentation steps outside the encounter. Happy, focused physicians drive better outcomes at the population level.

Capture critical data in the clinical workflow

Elation’s industry-leading clinical engagement means you’ll capture the key insights you need to drive better patient outcomes. Aggregate data across clinics and providers to build a true picture of performance across your group.

Extract insights that influence outcomes

Our API and hosted database tools provide infrastructure to power advanced business analytics and population health management. Build a stronger picture of physician performance to meet payer and employer requirements, drive reimbursement and lower total cost of care.

Close documentation and care gaps at the point of care

We help you reach and engage physicians within the existing clinical workflow. You’ll see dramatic improvement physician adherence to quality programs, improve documentation and close care gaps across your group.

Benefits of using Elation Health

Connect to your network

Our best-in-class APIs allow our customers to build applications, analytics, and more on top of our cloud-based clinical platform. Read our EHR Platform Buyer’s Guide for Primary Care to learn more.

Scale your operations

Clinics launch quickly without training downtimes or long timelines, and providers are focused on patients from day one.

Improve outcomes

Your clinicians will have everything they need to make great decisions at the point of care, which means better downstream outcomes.