Focus on high quality, patient-centered care

Dr. Steven Mussey
Fredericksburg, VA

As a physician, you care for thousands of patients while navigating an increasingly complicated insurance model

Elation handles clinical documentation,
practice operations, and reimbursement from a single, intuitive platform so you can provide great care while sustaining a successful practice.

Almost immediately after going live, my and my staff’s productivity increased markedly, and we continue to be able to handle our very complex medical practice with fewer staff and more good vibes than before.”

Paul Abramson, MD

Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine
San Francisco, CA

Supporting the entire patient care cycle

Engage with patients before visits

Online scheduling, intake forms, automated recall and native apps for your patients help your practice stay connected to your panel and makes it easy for patients to access care.

See patients virtually or in-person

Whether you are seeing patients virtually or in the clinic, Elation offers a seamless care experience to both patients and providers. Telehealth capabilities are deeply integrated into the clinical experience at no additional cost.

Document visits and create orders

Elation is purpose built for primary care and works the way you think. We reduce clicks and documentation time, learning about your most common actions and orders to make the user experience more intuitive and efficient over time.

Follow up with patients between visits

Outside the encounter, your patients will receive care from specialists, complete labs and prescriptions, and interact with you. Our integrations pull this clinically relevant content into the record, helping you continue to provide personal, timely and informed care to your patients.

Trusted by thousands of physicians for clinical-first care

Stay independent

Practice on your own terms and deliver the practice care you always wanted, while serving your patients with one interest in mind: theirs. 

Focus on your patients 

After office hours, the average physician spends 1.5 hours on paperwork per day. Take back that time to dedicate to patients and spend with family.

Be recognized for your work

Elation physicians are recognized as the highest performing primary care providers in the US. Use Elation for insights in your care practices and quality programs.

Navigate care networks easier

Get access to an NPI database of physicians
and preferred providers for easier collaboration with care teams outside of your practice.