Empowering physician groups and primary care doctors to deliver phenomenal patient care

Kyna and Conan Fong

Clinical-first is the radical idea that technology can provide you the freedom to focus on your patients.

We started by building an EHR for our family’s own medical practice. Now, we help more than 24,000 clinicians navigate challenges and advance their craft, and we’re the largest community of primary care innovators.

We’ve earned the trust of both insurance-taking and direct primary care practices, and we serve solo physicians and groups with hundreds of physicians. Along the way, we’ve stayed committed to technology that values your time and puts the patient interaction first. We’re passionate about building tools that help you do what you know is right for patients. We believe that success in quality programs does not mean compromise to time spent with your family. And we stand with you, providing a louder voice for the importance of independent practices and high quality primary care.

We’d love to say that Elation will bring to an end the days where primary care gets a raw deal. That a new world will understand your work and pay you fairly. It’s possible… but not without a fight. That fight is our commitment. 

Independent primary care is the future of healthcare in this country. Your practice should be meaningful, sustainable, and rewarding. Your joy in medicine matters. 

None of it is easy. You know that it’s not easy. Nothing worth doing is easy. We’re joyful about the future of medicine because that joy is powerful. We respect your practice because it deserves respect. We believe in your freedom to practice your way. 


Since 2010, Elation Health has proven our clinical-first commitment to our community of independent primary care



New customers start charting right away, and our team is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to issues and help you succeed on Elation.

Status Quo

Long, expensive implementation projects, and do-it-yourself requirements to learn complicated software.



Our agreement is transparent and open. There are no hidden fees, you own your data, and you’ll only be our customer as long as we’re delivering on our promises to you.

ownership of your data graphic
Status Quo

Legacy contracts riddled with cancellation penalties, hidden costs, liability waivers, upgrade fees.



Elation practices earn full incentives in value-based programs without any increase in hours worked. We take the burden of compliance so you can focus on patients.

Status Quo

74% of independent medical practices say they struggle financially, and that value-based programs are making it worse.