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2022 KLAS report recognizes Elation’s EHR as top overall performer for small practices

The leading health IT research firm, KLAS, has recognized Elation’s clinical-first EHR as a top performing small practice EHR according to its research and satisfaction rankings, “outpacing many of its EHR vendor competitors in performance, training, experience, and functionality,” as EHR Intelligence recently reported. 

Small practices are the backbone of the outpatient care provided in the US, are noted for their personalized and highly-involved care, and have needs that differ from large healthcare systems. When it comes to EHR technology, these practices need a tool that can support their unique needs and allow them to focus on what they do best – provide high-quality care. At the same time, these practices are at the forefront of healthcare innovations and expect a tool that can respond to the changing healthcare landscape. 

The KLAS report is intended to provide a birds-eye view on how the major vendors in the EHR market perform, which vendors stand out, and which areas small practice clinicians care about the most when it comes to finding the best EHR for their needs. 

Read more about the findings from the report.

The recognition from KLAS is a huge honor for Elation, because of the insights KLAS provides to the health IT industry. Elation is dedicated to serving as a champion of small practices by alleviating the burdens small practice clinicians face by giving them everything they need to ensure the highest quality of care for their patients. 

We’ve combined a stunningly easy-to-use EHR with a clinical-first experience that prioritizes technology and guidance that allows you to focus on your patients instead of documentation. 

Hear what some of the clinicians in the KLAS report had to say about Elation: 

"I like that ElationEMR was started by two children of a family practitioner who watched their dad come home at night with 35 charts to do. The system's creators were very IT savvy, and they designed a system that would work better for their dad." CEO/President, February 2022

“ElationEMR's ease of use for end users is one of its strongest features. The system is very intuitive and was built with physicians and their experiences in mind. It was built from the middle out, so the system is very provider-centric in how it functions. When we implemented ElationEMR, we were able to just flip the switch, and everybody was fine using the system.” Physician, March 2022 

“I have used a lot of EMRs, and most of them have been horrible. I read articles about how EMRs are supposed to help us be more efficient, but they usually just slow us down. ElationEMR isn't like that though. It actually improves our efficiency. We can use the solution very easily. It lists emails, calls, texts, letters, and referrals chronologically, so we can always find things. That is amazing. If we are in the middle of something and we realize that we have misfiled it, then we can put it in another patient's file. If we realize that we have put in the time and date wrong, then we can change that. The solution is very workflow oriented. I can't say enough good things about it.” CEO/Physician, February 2022

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