Cozeva Data Exchange Integration

Benefits and purposes:

● Timely reflect your quality measure scores (no need to wait for claims to update) in Cozeva
● Significantly reduce the need to input supplemental data
● Get your blind spots covered when patients have more than one coverage and bills were sent to a non-HMSA payer
● No clicks needed, just sit back and watch your scores grow

How does it work?

● Signed visit notes will be auto-generated into super bills in Elation
● Every night, Cozeva will pull the newly signed visit notes for encounters with a service date within 7 calendar days. Notes signed prior to the go-live date will not be pulled
● With the codes provided (specifically for CPT, CPT modifier, and Dx codes), Cozeva will generate pseudo claims as new supplemental data
● Care measures will be auto-updated if associated values are detected
● All digested codes can be found under a patient’s claim section, marked as ‘Ext-bill’ (external bill)
● Cozeva does not update anything in Elation, it’s a one-way feed only

What you need to do:

1. After reading this guide, contact either Cozeva Support or your Elation account manager with the integration request
2. Elation will provide Cozeva with your practice’s API configuration for the data exchange
3. Once the connection is set up, Cozeva will contact you with a ‘go live’ date
4. Cozeva will only be collecting information for HMSA patients. Patient demographic info (subscriber ID, name, gender, date of birth) must match 100% to be considered as a match due to HIPAA requirements. Please create your patients with the info exactly as provided on their HMSA insurance car
5. Encounters need to be signed within 7 calendar days. Visit notes signed 7 days after the service date will not flow into Cozeva
6. If any of your patients want to opt out of this program, or would like to pay out-of-pocket for certain visits, please call Cozeva Support, or enter a new support request, as soon as possible, so we can identify them timely