Elation Health partners with Dock Health to expand patient-provider relationship with care coordinating task management

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Real-time task management and collaboration platform to improve practice efficiency and reduce administrative burden

Dock serves as the administrative hub to manage The Other Half of Healthcare.™️
Triggered automations for frequent workflows help you collaborate with teammates
to get healthcare done.

check tableNew patient onboarding
check tableReferral prior authorizations
check tableMental health evaluations and testing
check tableMedication prior authorizations
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check tableHome-care referral planning

Improve practice efficiency

Pre-built integrations transmit patient demographics and clinical events from Elation to Dock, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, ensuring accuracy, and delivering contextual patient task management.

Reduce administrative burden

Routine, recurring and often unreliable processes cause dropped balls and provider burnout. Dock bridges the gap between clinical care and the administrative work behind delivery with its native workflow management tools that can capture, improve, and even automate tasks.

Reduce administrative burden

Promote care team collaboration and alignment

Centralized, real-time collaboration on tasks helps your team improve multidisciplinary communication, better align on responsibilities, affirm accountability, and experience effortless visibility into the care continuum.

Care team collaboration and alignment

Enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction

Effective administrative management processes lead to fewer delays in care, and better overall outcomes for your patients and practice. Improved efficiency and reliability also leads to overall patient satisfaction and loyalty, creating sustainable community relationships for the long-haul.

Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction
Fewer dropped ballsSave time with triggered workflow automations.Fast, easy onboarding
Dock reduces dropped balls and the delays in care to better improve patient outcomes and experiences.Reclaim 1.5+ hours per week per user with the power of Dock. Time-saving automations take care of manual tasks or inefficient processes.Dock’s Workflow Library provides users with existing best-in-class templates to jumpstart usage and impacts. Dock also offers 24/7 real-time support.

Success you can expect*


Hours saved
each week


Reduction in dropped balls


Increase in collaboration


Fewer administrative inefficiencies

*provided by Dock Health, customer feedback 2022

Elation + Dock integration



Both Elation and Dock secure and protect your healthcare data

basic integration

Basic integration

Select patient demographics sync from Elation to Dock via webhooks

customer integration

Custom integration

Save time by generating automated workflows in Dock based on common patient care events in Elation.

task reminders

Task reminders

Collaborate with your entire care team with recurring tasks and reminders to make sure you never lose track of a task


Productivity reporting

Automatically collect and analyze data to improve systems, identify bottlenecks, and kickstart growth opportunities

tiered service

Tiered service packages

Plans, pricing and support for care teams of any size