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Elation’s Nina Cloven Named Recipient of MGMA’s 2022 ‘Future Five’ Award

Elation’s Nina Cloven Named Recipient of MGMA’s 2022 ‘Future Five’ Award October 25, 2022

Nina Cloven, Elation Health’s Manager of Primary Care Advancement, was awarded the Future Five Award by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) at their Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference on Monday, October 10th. The award is bestowed annually to five people in the United States within the first five years of their career who have demonstrably impacted the healthcare industry or their organization. 

Nina joined MGMA as a first-year Master of Health Administration (MHA) student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2021, where she founded the Health Administration Leadership Organization (HALO). HALO’s mission is to promote collaboration and shared leadership between clinical and administrative roles in healthcare, and has accumulated over 80 members across different departments, levels of professional experiences, and countries. In the second year of her program, Nina completed her administrative residency at Elation Health as their first administrative resident.

“High quality primary care is the cornerstone to providing a cost-effective, personalized healthcare experience. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many opportunities to expose our next generation of leaders in the primary care and technology space. Partnering with the Hopkins Administrative Residency program creates one of hopefully many more opportunities for  young healthcare administrative professionals to get involved in primary care.,” said Conan Fong, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Elation Health, himself a graduate of the Hopkins program.

“During our interviews of potential residents, Nina’s passion for impact, curiosity and drive towards action stuck out to me right away — as she exhibited exactly the traits we look for and value at Elation. After our conversation, I canceled second-round interviews and offered her the residency”.

Since joining Elation as an administrative resident, Nina has become an integral part of multiple initiatives across the organization. She has begun to develop a strong and authentic thought leadership voice, authoring six company blogs on key healthcare topics and securing a two part series with KevinMD on the topic of digital health equity, including a podcast episode. She manages Elation’s bi-annual Customer Insights Executive Business Review, parsing through thousands of omnichannel qualitative customer feedback entries that drive improvements to our provider experience across the organization. 

Dr. Sara Pastoor, Director of Primary Care Advancement, and Manisha Goud, Vice President of Practice Innovation, served as Nina’s preceptor during her administrative residency. The two mentored Nina as she developed core project-based competencies, and helped her create the role she now holds in the Primary Care Advancement. Nina’s work now contributes to Elation’s clinical-first strategies and growth as a national force of primary care advocacy. 

“Not even two years into her career, Nina has already made a tremendous impact at Elation Health. Nina is extraordinarily driven by her passion for helping others, and her fearless approach to embracing challenge has paved the way for the future of Elation’s administrative residency program,” stated Dr. Pastoor.

Nina’s influence and contributions, both at Johns Hopkins and at Elation Health, are creating lasting and meaningful impact which reverberates beyond her immediate scope of influence to help transform healthcare in America. She is currently working to earn her Digital Health Innovation Certificate from Brown University, and states that she is “extremely thankful for the support from [her] family, friends, and mentors” and looks forward to “continuing to learn and grow under such incredible, mission-driven leadership at Elation Health”.