Patient Passport

Engage with your patients through Elation Patient Passport

The Elation Patient Passport is an online portal for providers and their patients to securely share and communicate regarding their health information. With Passport, patients can access their visit summaries, medications, reports, and more online!

Benefits of using Elation’s Patient Passport:

  • Your practice can communicate with patients regarding their health, directly from Elation’s Clinical  EHR without disrupting current business processes.
  • Your practice can share key clinical information like lab reports directly from the patient’s chart.
  • Patients automatically have access to visit summaries from each visit and can reference your instructions anytime.
  • Patients have access to their critical health information – allergies, problems, history, current medications, immunizations, legal and specialists, for sharing with other clinicians who would find it helpful to facilitate care.
  • Your patient can easily view their clinical information on their smartphone, and print or fax it straight from their computer.

How does it work?

Providers send a letter through Elation to their patient’s Passport, just like an email. The patient gets notified, either by email or text, to check their Passport for the new message. From their Passport, patients can read provider’s letters, view any attached documents – like lab results – and if they have a question, simply reply to the letter right there in Passport. Any message from a patient is immediately sent back to the provider’s Passport queue in the Homepage – just like how providers receive messages from within their practice today.

Messaging in the Patient Passport (Portal):

“Patient Passport Messaging” is the ability for patients to initiate and send their own messages to their provider’s practice through Elation Patient Passport.

To send a message to your practice, patients simply click or tap the “New Message” button, then write and send their message from Passport. Patients must choose from 6 different categories to indicate what their message is about, which are:

– Appointments
– Referrals
– Prescriptions & Refills
– Lab or Other Test Results
– General Inquiry
– Question About My Health

On your side of the Clinical EHR, you can customize the routing of patient messages; ie. you can decide which members of your practice will receive incoming patient messages in their Practice Home queue based on the category chosen by the patient. Routing messages will help you offload the task of monitoring incoming patient messages to different members of your practice. Learn how to route patient messages in your practice.

How do I get started?

Providers can start using Elation Passport by inviting patients to sign up for Passport accounts from their charts. Click on the Passport Introduction Guide for more information on how to invite patients to use Elation Patient Passport and how to communicate with them once they have signed up.