Population Health Management 

Improve Your Population Health Management with Elation’s Clinical First EHR

Be Prepared and Organized Before Your Patient Visit:

  • The intuitive chart layout helps you stay organized and find the information you need quickly.
  • The Chronological Record lets you see what has happened with your patient since their last visit. Items requiring action are filtered to the top of the chart, incoming reports are clearly organized, and Elation automatically downloads a patient’s pharmacy data to keep your meds list up to date before your visit.
  • At the click of a button, Elation will automatically gather relevant lab values, organize them by problem, and put them in your Visit Notes. And with its structured free text, the Visit Notes let you take notes and organize the way you need to.

Focus on Your Patient and What They Need During the Visit:

  • Easily find information that supports your decisions with Elation Health’s comprehensive search that will trend relevant data like your patient’s vitals or cholesterol levels, anytime you need it.
  • Start, finish, send, and print orders in whatever sequence you need. Quickly write prescriptions by automatically refilling existing scripts, and easily reference your patient’s insurance formularies.
  • As you focus on your patient Elation’s smart Visit Note tracks your thoughts and actions. It anticipates an outline of your Assessment and Plan, and automatically notes reports you’ve viewed during the course of a visit.

Securely Communicate with Your Patients Online:

  • Through Elation Health’s online Patient Passport, you can communicate directly with your patients about their health.
  • Share clinical information, like lab results or selected visit notes, without ever leaving the Patient Chart. Patients also have automatic access to critical health information, such as allergies and medications, so they can share with other clinicians.