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Tips for getting more referrals for your new independent practice


Establishing and growing an independent practice depends on developing a sufficient patient panel for your practice’s revenue needs. Getting the word out among potential patients and other providers can be a crucial first step to bringing in patients. Here are some tips for getting more referrals for your new independent practice.

Your existing patients can be part of your marketing strategy as you work on growing your independent practice. As you begin to see patients, ask them to complete online reviews and to refer their friends and family members to you as well. Positive online comments are often the first impression that potential patients will have of your new practice, as most people tend to go online to read those reviews when deciding on a new provider for themselves and for their family.

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Other providers, particularly specialty physicians, can also be a potential source of new patients. Getting more referrals for your new independent practice from other providers requires outreach, education, and communication designed to inform and persuade:

  • Include innovative and helpful information on your practice website. Create a separate section that is of interest to other providers. A specialty physician who is considering referring a patient to your independent practice will need to be confident in your level of expertise, your caring attitude, and your ability to provide quality care to their patients.
  • Make it easy for patients and other providers to contact you and your clinical staff. Include pertinent information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, on your website and in all other methods of communication you use to reach out to them.
  • Ensure that the services you provide, the insurance you accept, and other details of your practice are clear and easy to find on your site.
  • Proactively engage with other providers via email, by phone, or in person. Get to know the specialty physicians who have the potential to refer patients to your new independent practice. More importantly, give them the opportunity to get to know you and your healthcare expertise.
  • Hold an open house for your new practice, inviting other providers to attend so they can get to know you and your clinical staff.
  • Join local professional associations and network at their meetings, so you can learn more about the providers in your area and they can learn more about you and your new independent practice.

Make the time to focus on outreach efforts as you work on getting more referrals for your new independent practice. Your time may seem to be limited, but when you are successful in developing relationships with other providers who begin to send patients to your practice, you will see a positive return on your time investment as your new practice begins to grow.