We maximize your revenue.
You focus on your patients.

Dr. Steven Mussey

With Elation’s Revenue Cycle Management Services, we build on our Clinical First expertise with a team of primary care billing specialists who capture every dollar you deserve.

See how Elation’s RCM services streamline billing for your primary care practice

See patients with the pre-populated documentation and coding you need, based on the appointment type

  • Visit note templates with prepopulated information 
  • Clinical reminders to check for during a visit
  • Concerns to address with a patient

Create a new visit note from a pre-created template based on the visit type, prepopulated with everything you need to remember to check on with a patient. 

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As you document clinical information, we’ll automate the associated coding for you

  • BMI coding automation based on vitals
  • The diagnosis code will automatically update based on the BMI

Focus on your patient knowing the information you capture in the visit like vitals auto-populates their BMI with the appropriate diagnosis code for the visit. These are built into Elation so you get credit for the care you’re delivering that, for example, track BMI-related quality measures across payer and commercial programs.

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Autocode diagnosis codes as you build your patient’s assessment and treatment plan

  • Export specific problem list items from previous visits into the visit note 
  • Autopopulate diagnosis codes for items that are still a problem for the patient 
  • Billing information for those diagnosis codes autopopulate in the visit note

As you assess and treat specific conditions, our built-in functionality will match your key strokes and automate diagnosis-based coding on your behalf.

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Quickly edit and sort diagnosis codes and sign off on visit notes

  • Review billing to ensure codes are ordered in the correct way
  • Drag and reorder relevant codes appropriately
  • Save it and have it reflected in the visit note 

Rather than building your entire superbill, simply edit and re-sort codes to ensure you’re compliant before hitting send and let the Elation RCM team take it from there.

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A turnkey service with experts who have your back and functionality you can trust

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Payer performance

Elation RCM monitors and analyzes reimbursements against your contracts to ensure you are capitalizing on each payer agreement.

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Root-cause analysis

Learn why your claims were rejected or denied and adapt recommended workflows to avoid them in the future.

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Detailed analytics give you clear insights into your practice’s revenue, performance, and areas for improvement.

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Inbound patient call center

Dedicated phone support for your patients that have questions about their bill, plan benefits, and out-of-pocket costs.

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Integrated billing solution

Elation RCM’s billing seamlessly integrates with our EHR platform so staff can complete front-end workflows in one place, Elation.

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Revenue expansion

Your account manager will help you with ongoing strategic opportunities to unlock additional revenue, reduce costs, and optimize cash flow.

I have loved this product. It’s been super easy to implement, unbelievably intuitive, my staff has had no trouble making the switch and, importantly, our revenue went up 30% after we switched over. I’ve been recommending Elation to everyone who asks and am so glad we made the switch to them.”

John Stracks, MD

Family Medicine, Chicago, IL