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EHRs and care gaps

By Rod Farvard | February 16th, 2021

    How do electronic health records (EHRs) help close the existing care gaps? Gaps in care happen when the patient is not following up on appointments, not securing their prescriptions, or not ...

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    What is Panel Management?

    By Rod Farvard | January 6th, 2021

      As an independent physician focused on providing quality care for your patients, you know that being proactive is much more effective in preventive healthcare than simply reacting to ...

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      Is telemedicine the new normal?

      By Rod Farvard | September 7th, 2020

        Virtually everything has changed in the past few months. The way healthcare is provided is no different. More independent physicians have moved toward telemedicine as a way to continue to ...

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        Panel Management Versus Care Management

        By Rod Farvard | April 1st, 2020

          While there are many common factors and benefits in the two healthcare approaches, there are also significant differences between panel management and care management. Both are proactive ...

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          What are care management best practices?

          By Rod Farvard | March 4th, 2020

            Identifying the need, developing a tailored plan, and engaging with the patient and other providers are among the best practices cited by experts and researchers for effective care ...

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            What are some useful care management tools?

            By Rod Farvard | February 14th, 2020

              Implementing an effective care management program requires planning and the right tools. The independent physician who sees a need to implement a comprehensive care management plan must ...