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Cybersecurity standards raised for healthcare

By Nick Dealtry

Cyber attacks can be particularly damaging in the healthcare field, given the sensitive patient data that must be protected in electronic health records (EHRs) and other digital files. ...

October 27th

The importance of technology in prior authorizations

By Nick Dealtry

Securing a prior authorization from a third-party payer is often a prerequisite to ordering a diagnostic test or planning a medical procedure. Whether a specific patient needs a prior ...

October 21st

What makes data actionable?

By Nick Dealtry

The value of data collection is a concept that is generally understood and valued by electronic health record (EHR) developers. What the EHR developer and the healthcare provider are able ...

October 13th

Meeting a higher interoperability standard in 2023

By Nick Dealtry

Independent physicians, electronic health record (EHR) developers and vendors, and information technology (IT) professionals will need to ensure that EHR software is updated to meet new ...

October 6th

Possibilities for health interoperability

By Nick Dealtry

The trend toward digital healthcare has the potential to be very meaningful to patients, physicians, and independent practices. Electronic health record (EHR) integrations can result in ...

October 3rd