How to leverage Clinical Decision Support at the point of care

How can Clinical Decision Support help you?

By leveraging Elation’s Clinical Decision Support reminders, Elation users can more easily identify patient needs at the point-of-care. Clinical quality measures are also embedded within Elation’s CDS reminders, meaning physicians can more efficiently provide care for their patients and spend less time looking for information on a patient’s chart to satisfy requirements.

Why CDS?

Clinical Decision Support has several benefits for independent primary care physicians, including:

  • Meet and exceed required clinical quality measurement goals with ease
  • Increase care quality and enhance patient care outcomes
  • Improve efficiency, financial savings, and provider-patient satisfaction

How exactly does CDS work in Elation?

During clinical encounters, Elation’s Clinical Decision Support reminders appear at the top of every visit note. This functionality automatically prompts users at the point of care so that problems can quickly and easily be addressed by a MA or physician.

Information is automatically pulled in based on information from a patient’s chart, problem lists, demographics, and historical items so that information is accurate, relevant, and specific to a patient’s needs.

Overall, Elation’s Clinical Decision Support reminders are a sophisticated set of features that can help you create a clinical workflow that is geared toward improving documentation and clinical efficiency. Having a system that supports CDS can enable your independent practice to stay on top of patient care.