Elation Engagement: Provider Messaging App

Elation Engagement: Provider Messaging App

Elation has been helping independent physicians better connect with their patients outside the visit through our Elation Engagement feature-set. Over the next few weeks, we will be covering these new features and how they can allow providers to more efficiently manage their panel with actionable population health tools to seamlessly identify, contact, and drive action among their patients. Learn more about Elation Engagement here.

The first feature that was released as part of the Elation Engagement family of features was the mobile app for providers to more seamlessly communicate with patients.

This communication tool consolidates patient communications into one app, similar to a secure texting experience. The Elation Engagement provider messaging app also makes it easy for providers to reference relevant clinical information while communicating with patients. Physicians can now have everything at their fingertips, even if they are not on a computer.

With Elation Engagement you can:

  • Securely compose and reply to patient letters when it’s top of mind to minimize disruptions in your day.
  • Seamlessly view, sign and file attachments into your patient’s chart.
  • Get Push Notifications to quickly know when you have a new patient letter.
  • Reference your panel’s Clinical Profile and take action based on up-to-date information from your EHR.
  • Easily call patients or other providers on the Care Team to seamlessly collaborate across the care continuum.


Elation Patient Engagement from Elation Health on Vimeo.

Combined with Elation Patient Passport, a patient app for communicating with providers, patients and providers can now communicate on the go and quickly reference actionable patient information that’s fully integrated with Elation’s EHR.

Not yet signed up? Contact us to learn more about the Elation Engagement package at questions@elationhealth.com