Join the largest EHR for Direct Care practices

The way the Elation team bent over backwards to import everything from past medical history to problems was unbelievable – I’ve never seen an EHR do this.

Garrison Bliss, MD

Internal Medicine, Seattle, WA

Elation boasts robust documentation features without being encumbered by needless insurance coding features – It’s the ideal solution for DPC/Concierge practices.

Vivek Sinha, MD

Family Medicine, Alexandria, VA

Elation has cut my charting time by 70%. Everything is so efficient and intuitive. Less charting time = more time with patients.

Lisa Davidson, CO

Family Medicine, Denver, CO

This EHR is built with the mind of a practicing physician at the forefront and in a way that “thinks” the way you do.

Jack Forbush, DO

Family Medicine, Hampden, DE

After struggling through other EHRs, Elation is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for letting me finish my work faster!

Alicia Cunningham, MD

Internal Medicine, Burlington, VT

Three Steps to a Hassle-free Start


Migrate your patient data directly into Elation

We can import all the data from your old EHR, no matter the brand, with exceptional results, for no extra charge.


Elation can pre-populate your patient charts

Elation automatically and securely creates your patient for you — complete with medication history, labs, and demographics.


Training takes less than one hour

Elation is simple and intuitive – proficiency comes quickly. Try it for yourself.


Our partners seamlessly integrate with Elation to provide a comprehensive DPC solution.

Direct Care Resource Center

Elation’s Direct Care Resource Center offers tips and tools to start a new practice or grow your patient panel.