Coordinate care with integrated practice management

Efficiently manage your practice operations and reduce the burden of day-to-day administrative tasks.

Make the most of your day

  • Easily manage appointments, check-ins, and copays right from your Clinical EHR. Customize appointment types and time-block intervals to suit your specific practice needs.
  • Automatically send electronic reminders to your patients before their scheduled visit to help reduce no-shows and keep a full schedule.
  • Print Appointment reports to review a list of cancelled or no-show appointments to make sure you’re operating at your full practice revenue potential.

For us, as a small clinic, Elation is a powerhouse. The directory features, the electronic fax, appointment management… Does it get any better? If it does, I haven’t seen it.

Becky Payne
Office Manager at BlissMD Seattle, WA
Elation Co-founder

Streamline your practice to-do list

ToDo List Office Managers
  • Consolidate your front office and provider responsibilities with the Practice Home Queue — a unified task management system for your entire practice.
  • Send and receive electronic faxes directly in your Clinical EHR with delivery confirmation, so you always know when you documents are retrieved.
  • Coordinate on care across the continuum with electronic referrals. Instantly send a patient’s complete health record to any provider in the U.S. with the click of a button.