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I am awed by your customer service. You are responsive and thorough, knowledgeable and I am so lucky to have chosen your product. I am avoiding all the nightmare stories that I hear from many of my colleagues. You are outstanding and I am grateful!
Barbara Peters, MD

Barbara Peters, MD

Palo Alto, CA

Get a Clinical First platform that aligns with your unique practice goals.

Clinical First

Clinical First is a commitment to building a provider-centric Clinical EHR that exists at the nexus of the clinical workflow, supports the physician-patient relationship, and drives outstanding patient outcomes.

Drive Data-Driven Care

Holistically evaluate your patient population with a longitudinal record that trends comprehensive clinical insights over time.

Info at your fingertips

Pull in specific information from a previous visit with just one click. We’ll organize results with their correlated problem to help save you time when charting.

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Patient Portal
No long-term commitment
No reduction in patient load to get started
Training takes one hour or less
Free Implementation
Urgent issues responded to in 30 minutes  —

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