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5 articles you may have missed on the Elation Blogs – 8/21

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5 articles you may have missed on the Elation Blogs – 8/21

5 articles you may have missed on the Elation Blogs – 8/21 August 21, 2017

While you continue to provide your patients with the care that they need and deserve, we will keep providing you with timely, relevant information for everything from health policy, to tips for running a successful practice because we support independent physicians and their goals to  spend less time trying to keep up with the headlines and more time providing care.

If you haven’t had a chance to read our healthcare-focused blogs or subscribe to get information and news straight to your inbox, read below to keep up with you may have missed last week:

  1. New bipartisan coalition introduces policies to help fix Obamacare – Now that the revised health care plan proposed to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been voted down again, the two parties are joining forces to form a new bipartisan coalition. What kind of recommendations will the Problem Solvers Caucus propose?
  2. Overlooked approaches to interoperability – The interoperability crisis has often pointed to more high-level issues, but tackling interoperability in Health IT must focus on the reason it is needed. How can these simple approaches help interoperability continue to advance?
  3. Pricing considerations for direct primary care practices – In the DPC model, administrative tasks involved in practice management are reduced and time spent with each patient is increased. Despite this, how do you decide on your pricing structure for your practice?
  4. What are the clinical tools independent physicians need for value-based care? – According to a survey done in 2016, only 29 percent of polled physicians stated that they have the tools necessary to function effectively in the world of value-based care payments. What clinical tools are necessary and how will they improve the transition to value-based care?
  5. What studies say about patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) – The PCMH ideal is that the PCP who sees a patient for essentially everything throughout the patient’s life span can provide higher quality, value-based healthcare to that patient. But do the studies on patient-centered medical homes back up this idea?