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Check out our portal for new practices!


Whether you are just starting out your medical career, are interested in transitioning to independent care, or are exploring new practice models like direct care, making the decision to start a new practice is just the first step. Elation is here to help you from your first step to your first day providing patient-centered care at your new practice. 

We recently launched a portal that can help new practices get their practices off the ground. The portal offers resources for physicians looking to start a new practice from traditional insurance to direct primary care to practices that accept both insurance and a membership fee. 

Check out our new practice portal to find: 

  • Resources from ebooks, blog posts, and checklists that can help you make a plan to launch your new practice or grow your practice if you’ve recently launched 
  • Tips and services that can help you scale your practice’s marketing and growth strategy
  • Information on Elation’s full-service solution that can help you deliver comprehensive and personalized care in-person and virtually while maximizing financial performance

As soon as you’re ready to launch your new practice, you have Elation in your corner to help you navigate the world of independent medicine. We hope these resources can make it easier for you to provide phenomenal primary care while sustaining a successful practice.