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Elation and the Denver Community

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Elation and the Denver Community

Elation and the Denver Community September 20, 2016

We’re delighted to be hosting an event in the Denver area, tomorrow with local physicians Drs. Davidson and Keller, in an effort to bring the Denver community of providers together. During this event, we hope to discuss the challenges independent practices face, share insights on how practices can improve patient care, and celebrate the impact independent physicians have had in the Denver area.

Elation is committed to partnering with the Denver’s community of independent physicians. We’ve already established a strong presence by providing physicians like Dr. Tim Kruse and Dr. Karen Trask with a Clinical First platform that’s intuitive and value-based. We’re incredibly excited about the chance to strengthen our relationship with this community and enable more and more providers to deliver phenomenal care.

Despite recent news of smaller, independent practices being swallowed up by health systems and hospitals, particularly in Denver, we strongly believe in the value of private practice physicians. We’ve made it our mission and put all of our time and energy into reinforcing the level of care independent providers deliver and Denver is no different.

Beyond this commitment, we also understand the importance of allowing providers to engage with their patients outside the four walls of their practice. Powered by our Longitudinal Patient Record, we enable dynamic information sharing across an entire care team and foster collaborative care environments.

With more and more practices on Elation, communities like Denver can prosper from working within a strong network of providers that are working together to transform care delivery and improve patient experience.

Without a doubt, Denver’s healthcare landscape is rapidly changing, but we’re excited about what the future holds because of the independent practices that are continuing to provide exceptional care. As we continue to develop intuitive tools that strengthen the patient-physician relationship, we’re optimistic about helping independent physicians thrive in Denver.

Are you as excited about Elation’s event in Denver as we are? RSVP here.

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