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Elation Featured in EHR Intelligence

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Elation Featured in EHR Intelligence

Elation Featured in EHR Intelligence June 17, 2022

EHR Intelligence recently featured Elation Health in an article on a KLAS report on EHR vendors that was recently released.

Read the full article here.

According to the article:

“Organizations leveraging Elation Health (limited data) said they are very satisfied with the vendor and noted that the platform has helped enhance patient outcomes. Elation Health customers are typically smaller ambulatory organizations. Among interviewed customers, the average number of physicians per organization was two.”

The article went on to say “Customers said that Elation’s solution lets them see patients quickly and meet their needs, including patients who would otherwise be unable to seek care due to health, distance, or economic factors.”

Click here to learn more about how Elation supports independent practices.