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Elation’s customer support touted at Dreamforce

Elation’s customer support touted at Dreamforce Elation’s customer support touted at Dreamforce November 6, 2015

This past September, our very own Director of Business Ops, Susan Hwang, represented Elation as a speaker at Dreamforce ‘15, the Software as a Service-based convention put on by Elation was selected from all customers due to how we use the Salesforce product to help deliver our valued 24-hour customer support and 30-minute urgent support.

Elation started using back in 2012. Our community was growing quickly and we needed to make sure we could maintain our level of quality support interactions with each and every clinician. After a relentless search, we found that was the best tool for our physicians to reach our team members; alerting us when an issue arises, informing us of the nature of the complaint, and cataloging the information for our team to spot trends.

Why do we do 30-minute urgent support?

When starting to develop Elation, our co-founders, Kyna and Conan Fong, had consistently heard from physicians how awful the customer support was for their EMR. The standard operating procedure for the industry seemed to include ignoring requests for support for weeks at a time while patient care suffered. Kyna and Conan knew that in order to truly change the game for EMRs, customer support would have to become a keystone of how Elation operates. They instituted a policy of all urgent requests being responded to within 30 minutes, 24/7. A policy that is still in place today and will be as long as we are here.

“What I have experienced since the transition is the best customer service of any of the EHR’s I have worked with over the past 20 years. They are a joy to work with; very solution oriented.” (Tim Kruse, MD, Basalt, CO)

It’s not easy to maintain around-the-clock support. With all of our team members in North America, keeping our 30-minute response time can mean waking up at all hours of the night to support a physician in need. But it’s what we love to do to keep “Clinical First” the motto of Elation.