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Finding a website developer for your new practice website


Your new independent practice needs a website. Potential patients will search for you online before making a decision to choose you as their new provider. Your site must give them information that reassures them that you are a professional, that you provide the services they need, and that you have a quality team in place to care for their health and well-being. Finding a website developer for your new practice website takes time and careful consideration, so you can choose the right one for your practice needs and budget.

What does a website developer do?

Your website developer will be the person or company that builds your practice’s website, including writing the content and designing the graphics. The developer will also have the technical skills necessary to create a site that is user friendly and gives your patients the ability to review your information, schedule appointments, communicate with you and your staff, and connect to their electronic health records (EHRs). The developer will need a knowledge of HTML coding, graphic design, and hosting services.

Why do you need a website developer for your new practice?

You and your clinical staff are focused on providing the highest quality care for your patients. Outsourcing the web development task frees you from the worries of having a team member take time out of an already busy schedule to create a usable, attractive site for your new practice.

Your independent practice will benefit greatly from finding a website developer that will:

  • Consistently create well-designed, tested code using best practices for website development, including mobile and responsive site design
  • Create the website and user interfaces, using standard HTML/CSS practices, while incorporating data from back-end databases and services
  • Create and maintain workflows with teams to provide visibility and to ensure workload balance for consistent visual designs
  • Develop or validate testing schedules, addressing all browsers and devices to ensure various computers can access content
  • Maintain updated knowledge of new and emerging industry trends and technology.

The process for finding and evaluating a potential website developer for your new practice website includes the following steps:

  • Get the word out that you are looking for a website developer. Network with business associates. Check out reputable freelance sites.
  • Ask for proposals from potential web developers. Specify your needs in the request. The proposal should include costs and references. The developer should also be asked to indicate their previous experience with an independent medical practice.
  • Review the proposals to find developers who understand your needs and fit your budget.
  • Evaluate the developer’s ability to not only design the site but to also provide appropriate and customized content. They will also need to be proficient in SEO, to aid in driving traffic to your site.
  • Conduct an interview with the developer. Be prepared with questions about how they work, who they have on staff, where they plan to do most of the work, and when they are available to work on your website.
  • Negotiate the contract with the developer. Include provisions for terminating the contract, on either side, and for making revisions and updates.

Your website is an important part of your new independent practice’s marketing strategy. Finding the right website developer is a critical piece of your practice’s success.