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From Frustration to Elation: The story behind our name

From Frustration to Elation: The story behind our name From Frustration to Elation: The story behind our name May 1, 2013

At Elation, we’re fiercely committed to supporting the front lines of patient care, and everything about us – from the way we design and build our products right down to the name we chose for our company – demonstrates this commitment. We often get asked why we’re named Elation. Perfectly understandable, given it isn’t an obvious name for a company that offers an EHR. But we spent a lot of time considering names that we felt embodied our vision and reflected the emotional standard we strive for.

As an instrumental part of our development efforts, we meet with a lot of physicians who share their candid feedback on our products. When we first started working on Elation Health, we heard numerous physicians use the same negative words to describe their current EHR solutions — “clunky,” “burdensome” — and also what they felt while using them— “resignation,” “frustration.” We saw the power in those words, as well as in the emotions physicians felt when technology made it more difficult to provide exceptional patient care. In response, we sought out a name that evoked the emotion we wanted our users to feel, that scaled to our vision of transform healthcare care experience for everyone involved, and that represented a stark contrast to the health IT status quo. “Elation” just made sense.

Our name also underscores our focus on making a product that positively impacts our users. We considered other, more conventional names like Onboard or Empowered, but they didn’t capture all of what we aspire to be or the inspiration we find from our vision. We don’t just want our users to be onboard, and we certainly don’t want to impose a system on them. We want them to be elated by products that help them provide and receive better care.

Once we started sharing our name with physicians, we knew it was the right choice. While “elation” was not a word that came to mind when they thought about EHRs, as they tried our product, the word began to describe their experience. One provider told us that elation was the precise feeling she had after she tried Elation Health for the first time, especially in comparison to her practice’s current EHR solution.

We aspire to help every one of our users feel the elation that comes from using an intuitive and transformative product. Health care technology should be seamless, and delightful, and Elation is here to prove that it can be.

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