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How EHRs are driving innovation and creativity in healthcare

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How EHRs are driving innovation and creativity in healthcare

How EHRs are driving innovation and creativity in healthcare October 25, 2017

Not too long ago, the independent physician would need to complete a file full of paperwork on a patient, reviewing the information prior to a patient visit and potentially waiting for faxes of additional paperwork from specialty providers after the visit. Time was wasted on excessive paper documentation and delays in receiving information from other providers increased the potential for errors and duplication. And then along came the electronic health record (EHR).

EHRs enable the physician to easily input patient data and to have immediate access to other providers’ data on that patient. In addition, the EHR, often referred to as an EMR or electronic medical record, improves “patient safety by requiring computer-based physician orders that eliminate illegible handwriting and misinterpreted verbal orders,” according to the Harvard Business Review (HBR).

Diagnoses are more accurate, particularly for patients with chronic or complex conditions who require coordinated treatment by multiple physicians. The EHR enables those physicians to collaborate to ensure that duplications or errors are reduced and even eliminated when prescribing medications, ordering lab tests, and developing a detailed healthcare plan.

The HBR reports that “there is no question that patients and purchasers can receive benefits in terms of improving safety, ensuring necessary care, and avoiding unnecessary care.” Implementing and optimizing the EHR has been a challenge for some independent physicians, but the results enable providers to use the technology as an innovative tool in their healthcare delivery.

HBR cites many of these innovations as “1) detailed prompts and reminders to avoid omissions in care, 2) transparency to engage patients and families in spotting lapses in care, and 3) adding medical intelligence to computer programs.”

Elation Health is pleased to offer the latest EHR technology, enabling innovation and creativity in independent physicians’ practices that result in improved healthcare outcomes for both physician and patient.