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How physicians drive innovation at Elation

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How physicians drive innovation at Elation

How physicians drive innovation at Elation March 2, 2017

Since the HITECH Act was passed in 2009, nearly 90% of physicians have reported using an EHR for their practice. Though most physicians report using an EHR, there is still plenty of work to do in terms of leveraging this technology to improve patient care.

For starters, most physicians find EHRs difficult to use, leading to too much screen-time instead of patient face-time. The clerical burden of documenting visits combined with poor EHR design has also made some physicians feel like data entry clerks. Meanwhile, a lack of connectivity between EHRs and other critical sources of patient data creates silos between systems and make coordinating care a daunting task. All of this leads to physician burnout, inefficiency, lower care quality, and a compromised patient-physician relationship.

We at Elation recognize the struggles physicians face with adopting technology in their practices.  We are committed to innovating a better EHR experience, to constantly evolving and adapting to fit the needs of our physicians and their patients.

Healthcare is at a critical juncture and changes are happening everyday — from the move toward value-based reimbursement to emerging models of care gaining traction like Direct Primary Care.  Independent physicians are the heart of patient care, and it’s imperative that technology built to serve physicians supports the needs of their patients as well as their independent businesses.

What’s the guiding philosophy driving innovation at our company?

Listening and learning from our users.

It’s our physicians that are the front line in identifying how we can make Elation more useful, more efficient, and quite simply – better. We incorporate user feedback into our product roadmap everyday and are always listening for ways we can make caring for your patients easier.  We make it simple, with one click, for any of our users to send us feedback whether an urgent request, a suggestion, or a note of appreciation.

What are some of the ways our users have helped us innovate in the past?

Our first user, Dr. Dennis Fong, played an instrumental role in helping us build a Clinical EHR that thinks like a physician. Since then, feedback and suggestions have catalyzed the launches of some of our most cutting-edge features including the Elation Provider Network and our Collaborative Health Record.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to partner with physicians to create the best EHR experience for independent physicians.

But we’re not stopping there. We aim to tackle interoperability head on and close clinical care gaps. We’re rethinking what it means to use an EHR everyday.

At the same time, we want to innovate thoughtfully without losing sight of who Elation was built for. With every new product change, we want to reduce burdens, never add to them. While embracing innovation is a key ingredient for delivering high-quality care, physician-driven innovation ensures the patient-physician relationship is continuously prioritized even as EHRs and healthcare change.

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