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How to maintain a digital marketing routine for your independent practice


Your patients are online. They are searching for a new healthcare provider by checking out reviews on sites such as Healthgrades and Yelp. They are following you on social media and looking at your website for information about you, your team, and your practice. To meet them where they are, and where they want to see you, you will need to maintain a consistent digital marketing routine for your independent practice.

Digital marketing is an effective strategy for reaching your potential patients and it costs very little, other than some time and effort. You may need to assign an individual from your team to be responsible for maintaining your digital marketing routine. That person will need to:

  • Read your online reviews regularly and respond to them properly
  • Post frequently on social media
  • Keep your website information current and accurate.

Some helpful tips for a digital marketing routine for your independent practice include:

  • Stay authentic to your mission as a healthcare provider and your brand as an independent practice. Your messages should always reflect the quality of care you offer, based on your core values and vision.
  • Review the content that has performed well for you as you continue with your digital marketing routine. If a social media post receives a number of positive responses, you’ll know that is the kind of information your potential patients want to see. Check out other providers’ digital marketing content to determine if there are topics that are trending for physicians and patients.
  • Take advantage of different digital marketing channels, but don’t overload your staff member assigned to maintain these posts. Try to get a sense of where your patients spend most of their time, such as on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can use patient surveys to learn more about their digital preferences.
  • Your website and blog post are also integral pieces of your digital marketing strategy. Keep the content fresh and informative with topical news and updates. Your potential patients will also go to your website to learn more about you, your team, and your practice. Keep that information current as well.
  • Align your digital marketing strategy with your goals for your independent practice going forward. Your content should reflect who you are, what your practice offers, and how you can help your patients. To accomplish this, determine what you are trying to accomplish by continuing to market your business successfully. Are you expanding your services or simply trying to grow your patient panel?
  • Be innovative. Use video, both on social media and on your website. These innovative strategies enable you to speak directly to patients and potential patients, so they can see your face and hear your voice, making a more meaningful connection. You can also use attractive graphics and other visuals, as long as they stay consistent with your practice brand and mission.

One of the more important tips is to be consistent. When potential patients see one of your posts or read your blog, they should be able to immediately associate that content with you and your practice. Your patients live in a digital world and your consistent digital marketing routine will help them find you there.