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Kyna Fong featured in Authority Magazine

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Kyna Fong featured in Authority Magazine

Kyna Fong featured in Authority Magazine June 13, 2022

Earlier this month, Kyna Fong, CEO and Co-founder of Elation, was featured in Authority Magazine as part of an interview series called “5 Things We Must Do To Improve the US Healthcare System.”

In the interview, Kyna shares more about her career path and what led her to founding Elation, her belief in the resilience of independent primary care physicians especially in the midst of the pandemic and the transition to telehealth, the importance of primary care within the healthcare system, advice to other healthcare leaders, and her vision for a more sustainable healthcare system that centers the work independent physicians. 

In addressing the challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system, Kyna also her insights into how the healthcare system could be transformed. According to Kyna: 

  • Independent healthcare providers can and should be given a political voice and policymakers should make decisions with an awareness of the impact of primary care providers in terms of health outcomes and lowered costs
  • Technology innovators should be intent on addressing healthcare’s biggest problems and finding solutions with the clinician in mind. 
  • Corporations can play a role in supporting independent primary care by removing all barriers to accessing employer-sponsored primary care. 
  • Individuals and communities are encouraged to receive care from an independent primary care doctor and advocate for their concerns in order to empower others to receive more personalized, effective, and compassionate care. 

As Kyna shared in her own words: 

Primary care is the lifeblood of our healthcare system. Primary care physicians get to know a patient over time, building a sustainable relationship. This helps intercept health problems before they become monumental and creates a partner to help manage bigger problems if they arise. This is where the independent primary care physician thrives, but in our current healthcare system, this relationship is under attack and has been undermined for a long time.

Elation is dedicated to supporting the success of independent primary care, and we’re doing that by building technology that helps these practices evolve to meet the needs of value-based care more efficiently. That way, they can focus on their craft of helping their patients.

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