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Scaling up an employer clinic to include near-site clinics

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Scaling up an employer clinic to include near-site clinics

Scaling up an employer clinic to include near-site clinics December 12, 2017

Employers who offer healthcare services through on-site clinics often see positive returns on their investment. Employees have access to convenient services such as preventative care, flu shots, immunizations, and, in many instances, primary care services. The popularity of the on-site clinic is increasing among employers and employees. However, not all companies can afford to sponsor a healthcare clinic that is solely dedicated to their employees on their own property.

Employer-sponsored healthcare clinics are not just for those large organizations that can afford to host an on-site facility. A positive alternative for smaller companies and for companies with multiple locations may be the near-site clinic. A near-site healthcare clinic is one that, quite simply, is located near the employer site.  The near-site clinic is an established healthcare clinic that is often used by multiple employers to provide healthcare benefits to their employees. The near-site clinic model operates with the same continuity of care standards as an on-site clinic.

Additionally, the near-site clinic model is “taking on a new shape with the near-site network concept.” Rather than securing healthcare services at a clinic site near the employer’s facility, the expanded model establishes “multiple clinics in strategic geographic areas based on where employees live, taking accessibility and convenience to another level.”

Employees who find that their healthcare is convenient will make more use of the services. Employer plans are generally available to family members as well, so multiple facilities located throughout the employees’ geographic base will make access more convenient for everyone.

So the smallest of companies can actually scale up their healthcare benefit for their employees by reaching out to clinics in their area to determine whether they are a good fit. Employees who take advantage of near-site clinic services, particularly those who make use of electronic health records (EHRs), may become more engaged in their own healthcare, improving outcomes for employee and employer alike.